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latest procedure for renewal of GMDSS Endorsement

GMDSS Endorsement Renewal Process 

In one of our previous article, we talked about  GMDSS GOC Renewal Process, we got positive responses from our readers and were asked to write an article about how to do the renewal of GMDS endorsement  So, here it goes:

Why is GMDSS endorsement certificate necessary?

  • It is required to all the navigator for operating all GMDSS equipment on board.
  • If you are Holding a GMDSS endorsement certificate makes you qualified to handle emergency situations
  • if you are working on foreign flagged ships a GMDSS endorsement certificate is especially necessary.

In order to operate GMDSS equipment, it would need to be revalidated every five years. Once you obtain your GMDSS endorsement certificate, it would need to be revalidated every five years.

Information required for online registration

  1. Recent Passport size photograph scanned as a jpg file in size 35mm x 35mm
  2. Self-attested scan copy of CDC along with pages of relevant sea time entries. Make sure to scan all the pages as one pdf file. Include only relevant sea time entry pages.
  3. A scan of your Signature
  4. Scan copy of your old GMDSS endorsement
  5. Scan copy of Sea time letter from your company in pdf format. If you have more than one sea time letters, make sure to scan these as one PDF file.
  6. Scan copy of your GOC booklet (all pages) along with latest renewal page. All these pages need to be in one pdf file
  7. Self-attested scan copy of medical fitness certificate from DG approved doctor. It is recommended that the medical is valid for the next 6 months. If there are multiple pages, scan as one pdf file.


  • Always use windows internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox for better resolution. Most of the government website work better on windows internet explorer.
  • Before proceeding to apply for GMDSS endorsement, make sure your seafarer profile is updated.
  • When you ready with all of the above information, go to the dgshipping website and log in to your DG shipping profile. Once logged in click on “COC, DC endorsements, GMDSS operator” link.

  • A new window will open Click on the “Application for GMDSS operator”.

  • Once you click on the “Application for GMDSS operator”.It will take you to a new window  “personal details”. Fill all the data.

  • Click Continue and it will take you to “Address” tab. Fill your address correctly without any mistake, because if you choose to select delivery by post as GMDSS endorsement will be delivered on this address.

  • Click Continue and it will take you to Sea time tab. Fill your Sea time for the ships.minimum 1 year sea time required in 5 years.

  • Click Continue and it will show you a new window “Fees” for renewal.

  • Click Continue and it will show you the documents to attach.
  • Tick the “I agree” in the declaration section and then click on “Generate Application No.”.

  • once you click on the generate application No It will show you the screen with a message that “your data has been successfully submitted”.click on “Pay now” under Payment status.

  • you can pay from the different section as per below. Now you need to upload your documents, click on “Home” on the upper right corner, Click on “COC, DC endorsements, GMDSS operator” link and then click on “Pay CoC & CoP Fees, Upload Documents and view Status”.

  • You can pay the fee from this section too by clicking on “pay now”. you need scan copy of the application you just submitted online. For that click on “View” under “View submitted data”
  • Take the print out of the application and sign on the last page and then scan all the pages. always scan all the pages of this application as one pdf file. After you have all the documents scanned, click on the “upload documents” under the same screen and upload all the documents. You have now successfully applied for the GMDSS will get it in around 7 working days from the time it is approved.
And finally thanx for visiting our website and I hope you like the post and helps you to renew your GMDSS GOC any suggestion or difficulties please join our forum
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9 thoughts on “latest procedure for renewal of GMDSS Endorsement

  1. hello sir

    Thanks for your query

    As per the latest guidelines for the GOC renewal you required to give part II need to repeat course.before applying also confirm from MMD. give your mail id will send you the latest guideline for GOC renewal

  2. Sir, from the above it is very clear about the procedure, I am working ashore for more than 10 years I also have to follow the same procedure or should I go to the MMD personally. In the portal there is sea time updating window which shows the compulsory items to fill where I cannot show any sea time. Only the Port service letter scanned copy is sufficient for the online application

    pls advice

  3. Hi, I do not have the required sea time of 12 months in the past five years. I have around 10 months.
    Could you please suggest me the procedure to get the re-validation done.

  4. Hi
    thanks for your queries here is the answer to all your queries:

    1. Relevant pages of CDC mean all your sailing exp. pages. but keep in your mind your sailing experience should be matched with your sea time letter issued by the company. minimum sailing experience required for renewal is 12 months in 5 years.

    2. watchkeeping certificate will not work. you need to take sea time letter which you used in your mmd exams but one line should be mention in sea time letter that you have done “radio communication on GMDSS equipment on their vessel ”

    3. Regarding your medical certificate if you are applying in Kolkata MMD they will ask you to do a fresh medical but if you apply from Mumbai your current medical certificate is enough to get your endorsement.

    4.there is two option in dgshipping website either you collect your endorsement certificate by hand or at your home. its depend on you which option you want to choose. can apply now but I will recommend you to apply at least 6 months before.

    I hope all your doubts clear. any difficulties contact me again

  5. Hi again,

    FOrgot to ask one more thing in the previous comment. My GMDSS is expiring in Oct 2019 so can i renew it now or do i have to be within the 6 month period?

    Thanx again

  6. Hi,
    Please advice what do you mean when you say the following:

    1.Relevant pages of CDC – is it all the pages since the last time you got your GMDSS done. I’m sailing as a third mate with MOL and have done 4 ships and am getting renewal done for the first time. So, do i need to scan all the pages or just a specific time period is enough? If so can you advice what time period?

    2.Sea time letter from company – Are the watchkeeping certificates that we get from vessel enough or do we have to get a sea time letter from the company like we do for applying for exams?

    3.Medical certificate – I have a medical certificate issued on 18 May 2018 Valid until 17 May 2020. Do i need to get a more recent medical done?

    4. You mentioned an ADDRESS tab. So does that mean we dont have to go to the specific MMD personally to collect the Renewal certificate? Because last i heard we still have to collect it personally form the MMD.

  7. Hi Sunil
    the procedure is explained above in the procedure just follow the procedure. if still, you got any difficulty please write me back

  8. pls advise how to make money online on for renewal fees
    sunil malhotra
    mob 9891384393

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