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Step by step Procedure for online CDC Renewal

CDC Renewal

We received many valuable messages from ours sailor friends asking us to write latest CDC renewal procedure. So here we go with our next article. before going to discuss procedure I want to tell you about the difference between renewal replacement and duplicate lets start now.


when you apply for renewal. you will receive renewal certificate in the form of a sticker, which you need to paste in your CDC on the additional page given for office use. original CDC not required to forward to shipping, master.


replacement is only applicable when your CDC is damaged and does not have clear details photograph is not clear or too old, all pages of your CDC are completely filled.


if you lost your CDC. then in order to get your CDC back, you need to apply for duplicate CDC.procedure is almost same only you need police diary or FIR copy.

I hope you will get a clear idea about what option you have to select while applying for CDC renewal..


Sr.No. Documents to be Uploaded
1 Scan copy of a signed online application
2 Passport size (3.5 cm X 3.5 cm) photograph of seafarer
3 Self-attested scanned copy of CDC(first and last two pages)
4 Self-attested scan copy of proof of Indian citizenship document (Passport or any other document)


  1. Always use windows internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox for better resolution.
  2. Go to google and type dgshipping. and open dgshipping website.
  3. Click on the egovernance link and select Seafarers registration, a new page will open.
  4. if you are a new user then register first enter INDoS no & DOB.
  5. If already registered then use your INDoS no as user ID, Password ( INDoS no followed by digit 1 or changed password)
  6. Before apply for CDC renewal make sure you have updated your seafarer profile if not updated. Update seafarers profile fill out all your documents details and voyage related details.
  7. Go to “CDC management and CoC as a cook ”new page will open.
  8. hover over on “Submit Application” Select your desired option as explained above “Renewal CDC (New)”, “Replacement of the CDC”, “Duplicate CDC ”.
  9. Fill out all the data & Generate Application No.
  10. Under office Select “ SHIPPING MASTER OFFICE MUMBAI”( nearest shipping master) and fill the remaining fields including passport details and click “CONTINUE”
  11. Enter Permanent Address and Contact Details and click “CONTINUE”.
  12. Under pay fees click “CONTINUE”.
  13. Pay Fees online.
  14. Take print out of the application, sign on it and upload along with other required documents.

And finally thanx for visiting our website and I hope you like the post and helps you to renew your CDC any suggestion or difficulties please join our forum

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26 thoughts on “Step by step Procedure for online CDC Renewal

  1. I have gmdss based cdc rank shown radio officer I renewed with sticker 4 years ago now cdc physically damaged I want to replace booklet . What should I do to change the rank as deck rating I have been sailing since beginning I heard few fellows like me when applied for replacement Mmd issued cdc with stamp on all pages not for sail as cadet or rating something like that . I do not want that since n sailing as rating . Advise please

  2. This mail I got today

    Additional documents required
    1.ship security officer certificate
    2.Authority Signature page of Passport

    Reference online Replacement CDC application no. REP/SMO( dated 09.09.2022, you were advised vide CDC module query dated 22.09.2022 to upload 1) Ship Security Officer (SSO) certificate & 2) Authority Signature page of Passport along with first & address detail page of Passport in online application module within three days, however the same has not been uploaded till date.

    Hence, it is advised again to upload the above cited documents within 03 days, failing which the application may be rejected.

  3. what are the pages is need for cdc scan first and last 2 page means

  4. before renewing CDC you correct your name otherwise the same name will come on your renewal sticker.

  5. Good day,
    I have spelling mistake of my surname in my CDC and will be expiring in April 2023,can you please advice what shall I do, should I apply for renew or replace CDC.

  6. My CDC is over with entries. Now no pages left for any further entries. Pls advise steps for action ?

  7. Dear sir my Belize cdc expired 2020 10 month how renewal. And how much amount i will pay for the work when i applying the renewal

  8. My CDC was Expired how can i apply renewal sticker sam procedure as renewal or different please guide and advise me Sir.

  9. your CDC has expired already since 4 yr. you can do one thing you can apply for a renewal sticker. the fee is only 700 rs if MMD is approved for your application then you will get your CDC sticker and your CDC will be renewed if rejected then they will tell you the further procedure to renew the CDC. loss is only 700 Rs in the worst case.

  10. My CDC was Expired in 08/12/2017 sir.

    If any possibilities to renewal again.

    Can you please suggest and Guide me Sir

  11. Hi,
    Do we need to send any documents to DGS office? or to Shipping master?
    Applying for renewal CDC as pages are used up.
    Already applied online. Just wanted to know what needs to be sent by post if at all required.


  12. Apply for renewal of your CDC as procedure given in the will get a sticker.

  13. i couldnt upload my full documents while uploading some error happend and the application got submitted what will i do?

  14. For safe side you should do your refresher because now all 4 course are combined and 11 days course and after course you will get stcw 78 cert.

  15. Sir, do i need to do stcw refresher courses to renew cdc. i have stcw 95 certificates.

  16. 1.login to your dg profile on CDC Management & CoC as Cook
    3.hover over on “OTHER” top left-hand corner next to submit the application
    4.selcet pay fee upload documents and see application status
    5. in the next window you will see an option to upload documents click on upload button and upload your documents

  17. good day
    can you please advice where we have to upload all documents along with completion of signed form.
    thanks and regards

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