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GMDSS GOC Renewal Procedure


GMDSS global maritime distress and safety system. after clearing this exam we will get GOC (green book ).which is required for all the navigator for operating all GMDSS equipment on board. this certificate is issued by the MOC (ministery of communication ) and validity of the GOC booklet 10 years from the date of issue.

In order to operate GMDSS equipment, we need to renew this certificate time to time.most of guys got difficulties to renew the GMDSS booklet. thru this article I will explain you about GMDSS GOC RENEWAL PROCEDURE ″.

Information required for registration

  1. Bharat Kosh payment Receipt printout.
  2. Enter amount 5000 or 10000, 5000 is for 20 years of validity and 10000 is for lifetime validity (you can choose anyone) as per revision of gmdss renewal fees  Wpc regulation Grs 1088 E


  • Always use windows internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox for better resolution. Most of the government website work better on windows internet explorer.
  • Go to google and type Bharat Kosh in the search bar and search page open click on the first search result BHARATKOSH
  • if you are already registered you can directly login after putting your user id and password otherwise you need to register first.
  • click on the registration link and a registration form will open. fill all the mandatory field (*). fill your mobile number, email id, captcha and click on send OTP

  • you will receive OTP on your mobile number which you mention above. verify your OTP by filling in next page.
  • on next page fill your user id and your user and password somewhere for use in future because every time you need user Id and password for renewal of your on the register.
  • by clicking on the register button you will get a message you have been successfully registered on BHARATKOSH.
  • Now you need to fill your user id and password and hit the sign in will redirect you on the welcome screen.

  • Hover over your cursor on ” MAKE YOUR PAYMENT ” and in the drop-down menu click on the ”Receipt for DOT” menu.which will redirect you to a new window called the “Payment purpose “

  • select depositor category from drop-down list “individual” and click on search icon adjacent to box provided for the purpose.

  • After clicking on search icon a new pop up window will open. select purpose ” (GOC)GMDSS ” in drop-down list.

  • select payment type from drop-down list ” license renewal fee ” and Enter amount 5000 or 10000, 5000 is for 20 years of validity and 10000 is for lifetime validity (you can choose anyone) as per revision of gmdss renewal fees  Wpc regulation Grs 1088 E

Note: Remark column must include INDOS number and purpose of payment such as license renewal fee.Eg-07NL 4050 license renewal fee.

  • click on add button below remark will add your payment detail below.confirm all details are correct then click on next button.

  • it will redirect you to depositor details just fill all your details and select payment method online payment or NEFT/RTGS/SWIFT.

  • click on the next button you will be redirected to the new page.confirm all your details which you filled on the previous page are correct. once you confirm all the details are correct click on the save button all details will be saved.

  • after confirming that all the data which you have entered is correct click on confirm button. and you will be redirected to new page payment page where you can do your payment by debit card/credit card /net banking.
  • take a print out of your payment receipt acknowledgment which you need to send along with your others documents
  • Now download Application Form – COP 23. fill all details properly

Following documents required for GMDSS renewal along with above

  1. Application Form – COP 23.duly attested by gazetted officer.
  2. Copy of CDC OR Proof of experience of not less than 6 months within 5 years. duly attested by gazetted officer.
  3. Copy of COC (or) COP duly attested by gazetted officer.
  4. Copy of GMDSS GOC duly attested by gazetted officer.
  5. Bharat Kosh payment receipt of INR One thousand (1000/-)
  6. A self-addressed envelope with 50 rupees stamp

There are 5 Regional Licensing Offices (RLO) throughout India. These are given below.

1.North, New Delhi

WPC Wing Regional Licencing Office, Ministry of Communications & IT, Northern Regional Wireless Monitoring HQRS Campus, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, New Delhi – 110030
Tel. 91 11 26502671 Fax. 91 11 26502860

2.Eastern, Kolkata

WPC Wing Regional Licencing Office, Ministry of Communications & IT, Eastern Regional Wireless Monitoring HQRS Campus, (PO) Sarkarpole, Gopalpur, Kolkata – 700143
Tel. 91 33 24011431 Fax. 91 33 24019407

3.Western, Mumbai

WPC Wing Regional Licencing Office, Ministry of Communications & IT, III floor, MTNL Telephone Exchange Building, Charkop, Sector -5, Kandivli, Mumbai – 400067
Tel. +91-22-28683202 Fax. +91-22-28683202

4.Southern, Chennai

WPC Wing Regional Licencing Office, Ministry of Communications & IT, Southern Regional Wireless Monitoring HQRS Campus (PO) Perungudi, Kandanchavadi, Chennai – 600096.
Tel. 91 44 24960172 Fax. 91 44 24960235.

5.North East, Guwahati

WPC Wing Regional Licensing office, Ministry of Communications & IT, Administrative Block, BSNL Bhawan, Pan Bazar, Guwahati – 781001.
Tel. 91 364 2537613 Fax. 91 364 2230893

The head office of all the RLO in India MOC
And finally thanx for visiting our website and I hope you like the post and helps you to renew your GMDSS GOC any suggestion or difficulties please join our forum
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133 thoughts on “GMDSS GOC Renewal Procedure

  1. is company seatime letter also needed in addition to above for renewal ?kindly assist

  2. Do we need to send the documents to head office Delhi or RLO delhi if previous goc issued indelhi>?

  3. Hi Sailorinsight
    Following the given procedure, have made ready all the required docs, attested by gazetted officer. My query is related to the sea time record. Reg. the sea time record, the copies of the relevant pages of the CDC have been attested by the gazetted officer. In addition to this do we still require a company sea time letter? Also if this company sea time letter is to be attested by the gazetted officer too?

  4. Good day guy,

    Can anyone confirm if attestation from a gazetted officer is till required for all the copies.
    Also since my GOC is issued by Mumbai RLO, Which PAO should i pay the fees to through bharatkosh? Mumbai or delhi?

  5. Anybody still waiting for renewal sticker after sending the above mentioned docs in order?I have been waiting for over a month now after applying for a lifetime validity renewal.Any idea whom to contact?Somebody please reply

  6. My GOC booklet is issued from Chennai and expiring in April 2019

    Where should i send the mentioned document
    Chennai RLO or Head office delhi

  7. Hi Friends, I applied Renewal of my GMDSS on Nov 2018 and later on 50 days i received acknowledgement mentioned that ” As from 5/11/2018 license will be renewed only for the period either for 20 years or life time period aganist the fee payment of Rs 5000/- or Rs.10000/- respectively with other conditions remains same. So you are requested to pay fee accordingly” and on Feb 2019 i called WPC regarding the remaining payment procedure, they informed that need to pay remaining amount in bharatgosh either 9000/- for lifetime or 4000/- for 20 years (Note: Before i paid 1000/-rs in bharatgosh), Now i need to send both Transaction receipts along with acknowledgement letter and requesting letter with GMDSS Details thats it, i will update again once i receive the Renewal letter, Thanking you..

  8. There is no option to check status of your goc on moc need to check by calling them on phone.

  9. Hi
    I send the document to mumbai RLO on 16 Jan 2019 How to check the status of my gmdss goc renewal.

  10. Hi
    I have followed the procedure explained by you and send all the required documents to Mumbai RLO on 16 Jan 2019 can you please tell me how to check the status of my gmdss goc renewal.

  11. Hi
    Thanks for sharing your queries.
    Plese confirm from RLO about ballance fee before doing any payment because now a days people are sharing fake Circular on whatsapp.and also share your feedback here also so that we can updates our readers.

  12. Dear sir
    I saw this article on goc renewal procedure and made a payment of 1000 rs in bharat kosh but before I could apply for goc I came around a circular stating fees is 5000 rs for renewal to20 years. kindly suggest if I should make the payment of balance 4000 or make a payment of 5000 again

  13. While registering In Bharat Kosh as New User and entering mobile no it always gives error as invalid no. I am using IE and Firefox

  14. Hi Sailor insight
    My GOC got expired in May 2017. i need to renew it now. i have been working in a shipping company in Dubai as Marine superintendent for last 5 years. Can you advise if the listed procedure is applicable in my case also.
    how do i get a seatime letter. Our vessels are GMDSS compliant.
    Also how do i get the documents attested by gazetted officer in dubai

  15. I am having GOC which is issued by wireless planning and co-ordination wing,SANCHAR BHAWAN, 20, Ashoka road New Delhi on 13.10.1999,

    not by any of the RLO,


    thanks for your earliest anticipation of reply

  16. GOOD DAY,
    MY GOC was issued from chennai, expiring May 2019 ,
    whom should i pay fees to PAO

  17. dear sir
    my goc issued from mumbai and apply for renewal from rlo mumbai while making payment on bharat kosh should i pay to PAO HEADQUARTER (077188) or MAHARASHTRA (077148)
    Please reply me

  18. Dear Sailor In Sight,
    My GMDSS Goc is expiring on 15th Mar 19.
    Recently received office memorandum from WPC forwarded through Watsup.
    NP.P-14036/01/2018-C dated 14 Nov 18.
    It is saying that License can be renewed for a duration of 20 yrs(fee Rs 5000/-) or life ling (fee Rs 10000/-)
    So can I pay Rs 5000/ in Bharath Kosh and submit receipt .

  19. Hi , Thank you i applied as mentioned and i received the renewal letter by post in under a month

  20. I don’t think so it will create any problem.supporting documents are only for records.they are only interested in your GOC. Your data should be a available in their system.

  21. regarding the supporting document , my COC is from Singapore , will there be a problem in renewing INDIAN GMDSS GOC? Kindly advice

  22. Dear sailor insight.
    thank you very much for the step by step procedure.
    i have received goc renewal from mumbai ROL in 22 days.
    few thing i wanted to add that in payment mode by mistake i have selected delhi ROL instead of MUMBAI ROL.
    company letter i have submitted without any specific like above some1 mention for goc renewal.
    Thank you very much

  23. Dear Jerry
    now as per the latest procedures of renewal of goc no need to register on wpc website. you need to download the cop23 form. and fill it manually and follow the procedure explained above and send all the document along with the application form and bharatkosh receipt to the regional office.

  24. I have followed the payment procedure on and made the payment. I cannot save the details in License payment page to generate the application ID in So cannot get the online registration acknowledgement slip. Kindly advise if online registration is required for 2nd renewal of GMDSS GOC.

  25. Kindly advise if online registration is required for 2nd renewal of GMDSS GOC. I have followed the payment procedure on and made the payment. I cannot save the details in License payment page to generate the application ID in So cannot get the online registration acknowledgement slip.

  26. it took 40 days for receiving renewal from delhi rlo . I had sent envelope with 50 rs stamp but they send renewal letter in their own envelope

  27. Helpful site – One question PAO to select the office to which I will finally send my application?
    For eg: New Delhi RLO so to select 077177 Controller of communications New Delhi
    Please confirm

  28. I have made a transaction of 1017 INR by using my credit card, In the end it says transaction failed but same time i got a message on my mobile number that money has been deducted from my account. Does it take time to reflect it on site as upon checking it says that no transaction has been done.

  29. No need to pay again just you submit your documents to Mumbai RLO.i hope they will consider. share your experience also once you renewed your goc.

  30. GMDSS GOC Renewal:
    While paying through bharatkosh, i selected purpose “GMDSS Licence” instead of ” (GOC)GMDSS ” in drop-down list. I already paid the money (Rs. 1250). The only option showed was in favor of ” 077188 – CONTROLLER OF COMMUNICATION ACCOUNTS, PAO HEADQUARTER, NEWDELHI”
    Is that OK as I am sending the documents to MUMBAI RLO.
    I have not send the documents yet . So do I need to pay the fees again to MUMBAI RLO after selection the purpose as ” (GOC)GMDSS “

  31. Dear sailor in sight
    I Rahul kumar applied for renewal for GMDSS license long time back, after enquiry they said enclose a self addressed envelope with 50 rupees stamp on it.
    Please update your procedure so that other mariners get their certificates in time without much enquiry.

  32. Regarding GMDSS, GOC Renewal. Who should attest the documents and COP23 ? Any Gazetted officer from my state or it should be the Gazetted officer from DG shipping.

  33. My GOC is expring on March 2019. I am planning to join in Nov 2018. For the reason I want to renew it now. Is it possible to apply for renewal even if expiry date is more than 6 month?

  34. HI



  35. No you can apply only 6 month before expiry of your goc.for documents refer above procedure

  36. Dear Sir,

    Please advice which address we can send application for GOC Renewal . Last renewal was done by New Delhi Sanchar Bhawan 2013 . My GOC issue date is 17/12/2003 . In GOC place of issue New Delhi & also advice for COP-23 still we can use .

    Thanks for support and Help.

  37. I am Jancy sweetlin,
    My GOC license issue date is 23 Jan 2009, Issue Place: Mumbai.
    Expiry date return on the Goc license 22 Sep 2019,
    Shall i apply for my GOC Renewal?
    If i can apply then what all documents to be sent and to which office shall i send?

  38. My GOC is expiring in Dec 2018. Can I apply for renewal now? Do I have to fill up online application for renewal at WPC website. The renewal window at WPC website opens only 3 months before expiry of the certificate.Kindly advise

  39. Yes u can apply if validity left only 6 a days sanchar bhawan is not accepting any application you need to send your documents to Delhi RLO.

  40. Dear Sailor Insight,

    My GOC is valid till Dec 2018, can I apply now for renewal?
    Thanks for details and the procedures, My last renewal was from Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi,Is that correct that I must send my application to RLO, New Delhi the address given in your web sight? Appreciate your response in this regard


  41. Dear sailor insight, i have sent all the docs as per checklist on 6th of june 2018. Some people r telling that we have to enclose a self addressed envelope along with the docs. Its no where mentioned in the checklist n procedures. Could u pls help me out ?

  42. Sir my GOC is expiring on jan 2019. Can I apply for renewal now. Is there any special requirement.

  43. Hi have applied for GMDSS renewal as per steps as required but not yet received neither able to track please advice. thanks

  44. Sir,
    I am from a French country(Gabon), and I would like to know what to do to get my GMDSS renewal, I made it in South Africa in 2013, after the crisis we stopped working and we just restarting in December 2018, could you please help us in that issue.
    My personal email:[email protected]
    We are 3 Radio operators who need GMDSS renewal.
    Best regards

  45. @Jeetendra Now procedure is changed. Follow above mention procedure for payment.demand draft is not accepted anymore.

  46. Please let me know if renewal fees can be paid through any bank or only through SBI only as mentioned in COP23 form .

  47. You send your doc. To new Delhi RLO because now a days head office is not accepting any application.if you send your documents to head office they will return you back.

  48. Hi,
    My GOC was last renewed in 2013 for 5 years by head office of RLO located at Sanchar Bhavan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi….Should I now send my documents for renewal to the Head office or the New Delhi RLO

  49. Sir, the link of COP23 provided in your website require us to fill seatime for last 3 year please refer point no.6. You are requested to upload the latest form.

  50. Yes you send your documents to kolkata RLO as your goc issued from kolkata .company seatime required for goc renewal. You can use ur scan copy of seatime letter but i will suggest you to use original one in order to get your goc renewed in first attempt.No only a govt. Official can attest your documents.

  51. Hi
    My GOC booklet was issued from Kolkata in 2009.
    I reside at Pune.
    I made renewal payment of 1000 via Bharat Kosh website today.

    1)Just wanted to confirm if I shoud send my application to – RLO – Eastern Kolkata
    2)Also would like to clarify if CDC copies are enough or company letter is required too.
    (My seatime letter is a colour printout of a scan my office sent by email – will it be accepted?)
    3) Can any MBBS attest my documents or does he have to be working at a Government hospital?
    Many thanks in advance

  52. I am a radio officer holding COP 2nd class certificate. While filling for for GMDSS GOC renewal form, what should i write under “Particulars of certificate(s) of Competency/Proficiency held by applicant”?
    My GMDSS GOC details which is being renewed or COP 2nd class details?

  53. Both certificate copy required to attest and photograph not required. As you rcvd A4 size renewal page only

  54. 1. You can apply from on-board if you can manage your signature on cop 23 and other documents.also for attestation Gazetted officer may ask your presence.
    2.No need to send photograph as you rcvd A4 size renewal page only
    3. 3 month before expiry of your goc you can apply.

  55. @ Lakhwinder – 6 month required in last 5 years.there is a old version of COP 23 is available on some website please download from sailorinsight the latest version of COP23.

  56. @Lakhwinder- now procedure is change no more online registration on wpc website required.

    FYI you will rcvd your GMDSS GOC in 30 to 40 days of applying. Most of my friends whose application was rejected were informed by a rejection letter within 40 days. It might seem frustrating not to be able to track your GMDSS GOC renewal status, however if it is taking much longer than this I amadvise you for online RTI to Wireless planning and coordination Wing WPC with your details. Do let us know how long it took you to get your GMDSS GOC extension letter. Best of luck

  57. Please advise 6 month experience is required in last 5 years or in last 3 years as the COP23 form is asking for last 3 years experience.

  58. Do we have to fill online application on WPC website. How can we trace our application status. Please advise.

  59. Dear Friend, is it gmdss coc which we have to get attested or the 2nd mate coc ? Also please advice regarding photographs . Thank you

  60. kindly reply for my doubts
    1,Can i apply for gmdss renewal while i’m sailing on board through my parents?
    2,Don’t i need to send any photographs of mine.?
    3,Can online Payment and other paperwork for renewal could be done 8 months before expiry of license and send it exactly 6 months before expiry?

  61. Can we get the documents attested by a notary ? Is it mandatory that docs should be attested by a state or central government guessetted officer ? Also, nothing is mentioned regarding photographs. Do we have to send any photographs ?

  62. Nothing like that you can ask from company for two copies and this letter is only for goc.for mmd purpose you can ask another sea time letter from company and company can not denied.

  63. Dear insight, as you had mentioned In one of your replies to some other candidate that original sea time letter is required. If we submit original sea time letter, then what about the sea time letter which is also required in original for mmd examination purpose or assessment purpose. Companies issue sea time letter only once. Pls advise

  64. Yes in your sea time letter one line should be mention that you have done raidio communication on GMDSS equirements on your comp. Vessel

  65. Dear sailorinsight

    One more thing I want to ask that sea time letter from company needs to have anything mentioned about GMDSS compliant vessel something like that. Pls advise

  66. @Venkat Time taken to receive Renewal letter- 28 days(25 in a Metro town)and you can apply 6 months before expiry of your existing goc

  67. Dear sailorin sight,

    How many days normally it take to get new GOC. And how many days before we can apply for new GOC before the expiry of existing one.

  68. Thank you very much for taking time and effort to update the procedure.
    IN NTRP, If under purpose, you select GOC(GMDSS), Payment type- Licence renewal fee, you get all 5 options under PAO. I think selecting GOC(GMDSS) instead of GMDSS Licenses should be the correct Purpose? Because when you select GMDSS Licenses you are not getting option for Late Fee payment which you get when you select GOC(GMDSS) as purpose. Please check and confirm.

  69. @shan you select the second one controller of communication accounts PAO Headquarter. I checked personally nothing is coming like that. when we select the fee for renewal of GMDSS only the second option is coming.

  70. @Akash send your documents to Mumbai as your goc was issued from Mumbai.for tracking of your application you should contact RLO by mail or phone.

  71. I have for GOC issued from Mumbai. Do I need to send the renewal application to Mumbai Orr Delhi. I could not get online application as my GOC details were not there in the database. I will be sending all the documents. Is there any way I could track the application.

  72. Many thanks for providing conversation place for GOC renewal. My GOC place of issue is New Delhi (Exam conducted in Mumbai). When i am paying through Bharatkosh, apart from Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, West bengal, there are two other options in drop down list: 1- controller of communication accounts, New Delhi, 2- controller of communication accounts, PAO Headquarter. Which one should i choose?

  73. You just wait for some time or you can contact to MOC regarding your application.

  74. @rahul WPC Wing Regional Licencing Office, Ministry of Communications & IT, III floor, MTNL Telephone Exchange Building, Charkop, Sector -5, Kandivli, Mumbai – 400067
    Tel. +91-22-28683202 Fax. +91-22-28683202

    Plz share your experience later when you done your goc renewal

  75. R L O mumbai has 2 address one in kandivali PIN 67 and one in borivali PIN 91. can u please confirm where to send all the documents.

  76. I was not aware of the ammended process for payment and i have already sent the DD along wid all docs.
    Kindly advice

    Manu aggarwal

  77. Sailor community will be highly obliged if Sailorinsight can publish lastest procedure to renew GMDSS GOC. for example, it is still not clear whether one has to first log in to and then you will redirected towards payment page. Also how does one find out RLO addresses and more fundamentally which is your RLO. Need complete guide with screen shots. (including of NTRP payment). Please consider request.

  78. Dear sailor insight
    Understood ur last msg but do I need to log in on wpc website as well, or not. And just to follow as advised above in ur last msg.

  79. @Rahul As per latest info. Latest procedure is Take bharatkosh receipt printout, goc copy, cdc seatime copy, coc copy, original seatime letter from company, form COP 23 for Goc renewal available on google or IMU website. All these documents to be attested by a gazetted officer, even cop 23. Documents to be sent to respective RLO and not WPC sanchar bhawan. For eg. Rlo delhi, Rlo mumbai, Rlo kolkata from where the goc was issued.Any other query, i will be happy to solve your query

  80. Dear sailor insight
    Rest all process is same as before except payment or is there any changes in applying for application.

  81. @Rahul yes that is true now DD is not required few. months back they have change the payment method .now they are accepting payment through bharatkosh only.

  82. Dear sailor insight
    Is this true that demand draft in favour of PAO (HQ), DOT is no more required. Actually I have already made a dd and is in process of applying.
    Please guide

  83. I got registered but payment options does not show,by the way i am using my phone for the process

  84. Register yourself on bharatkosh and then pay.and submit your application to the issuing place of goc otherwise they will send your application back to you

  85. How to pay through bharatkosh & is it OK to renew goc from chennai, my last Goc renewal was from delhi

  86. Yes you send your all documents through post to your issuing RLO (place from your goc issue)

  87. My GOC no is not reflecting in WPC website what should i do now can i send documents though post.

  88. There is change in the procedure. now payment is made by bharatkosh and 1000 rupee is the fee for renewal.

  89. Kindly confirm if payment is to be made using demand draft or Bharat Kosh?
    If I have to use Bharat Kosh kindly guide which option to select for payment and how much is the fee 500 or 1000 INR?

  90. Sometimes due to some technical issue this problem you face. Just refresh the page and try again if still the same. please contact to WPC support team regarding your issue.

  91. Dear Sailor insight,
    Thank you for the above step by step procedure. However after selecting my license, the next button does not appear. Kindly advise. I tried on IE, firefox and chrome too.

    Gopakumar N


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