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About us

Howdy Sailors,

Welcome to Sailorinsight blog your destination to Learn, Earn & Share. Blog About related to Marine and Competency Examination.We try to cover most of the Educational stuff so that people get knowledge about Marine Field.

My name is Akash You can call me a Blogger, a sailor, a professional web developer who is eager to learn & share his knowledge with others. the idea came to my mind why not to start blogging to share knowledge. so I found making website is the best way to share knowledge.

About blog:

As the name of the website describes itself. The sailorinsight name consists of two words sailor and insight. which is self-understanding.I will update my post on a regular basis so that you can be helped better if you have any questions, you can do contact me, I will be glad In helping you.If I talk about this blog I post quality content here on Sailorinsight.I enjoy helping peoples and I started this website with the same purpose that I can help people through my article. On this website, I share content related to Marine and Competency Examination so that people get knowledge about Marine Field & share their own personal experience to help others.