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11 Indian crew missing after vessel sinks off Philippines

A cargo vessel Emerald Star DWT 33205 tone Hong Kong-registered vessel with 26 Indian national crew sailing 174 Nautical miles east of the northern part of Philippine sank in the Pacific. as per the Japanese coast guards, a typhoon in that area causes turbulence in the ocean and sea become very rough in that area .they transmitted the distress signal received by the Japanese coast guards. search and rescue operation initiated by Japanese coast guards with two petrol boat and 3 planes in the area of incident .as per the Japanese coast guards the rescue is very difficult as the typhoon made the sea very rough. The good news is that 15 crew rescued by the 3 other ship sailing in the vicinity while 11 are still missing. an extensive search and rescue operation is still in the progress but still, there is no sign of 11 missing Indian crew member.

Raja Menon the former rear admiral of Indian navy spoke that tropical revolving storm is very common in that area. This is a terrible tragedy but this can be avoided by keeping an eye on the all the metrological warning transmitted by the weather monitoring stations in that area. Nowadays on the ship, it’s very easy to get weather reports. All ships are equipped with sat–c and other weather monitoring equipment through which we can get the latest information about the weather condition in that area and take necessary action to avoid this kind of tragedy. In this case, whether this was done or not we don’t know the inquiry will bring it up.

CE Mr. Shyam Singh Rajput is from Jaipur.Rajasthan Merchant Navy Officers Assoc. Members had done an excellent job of getting info from all sources. Here is the list of rescued crew. 2E who jumped overboard and was rescued by other ship as Emerald Star listed all of a sudden and sank within 10 mins  No one could board any survival craft and there was no chance of Life Boat launching. According to 2E, Master, 3O, 2O and one AB were got trapped on Bridge,

Sea conditions are still bad, but sea water temperature is around 28 C,  so at least risk of hypothermia is not there….. And search operations still in progress.

As per the latest updates following crew member rescued:

10 crew members have been rescued by DENSA COBRA 

  1. 2nd Eng. Suresh Kumar
  2. 3rd Eng. Alang Ram Junior
  3. Eng. Karuppiah Rengasamy
  4. Electrician Subash Lourdusamy
  5. Bosun Mohamad Irfan Mansuri
  6. O/S Sathish
  7. Eng. Fitter Ram Kailash
  8. Oiler Lal Renjith Trainee
  9. Wiper Kigin
  10. A/B Jegan Selvendran

5 crew members have been rescued by *MV SM SAMARINDA *

  1. Chief.Off Cheole
  2. Eng.Cadet Ramaya
  3. Chief Cook Karthikayan Trainee
  4. O/S Parash
  5. Deck Fitter Parash



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2 thoughts on “11 Indian crew missing after vessel sinks off Philippines

  1. As per info. we have 11 are still missing.I saw on rappler.com they are saying “11 crew were successfully rescued by the Densa Cobra, and 5 by the SM Samarinda.” that means 16 are rescue and 10 are still missing.then how can they 5 crew be missing. if we got any updates will let you know.

  2. PLease help me out.. My uncle Capt. Rajesh Nair.. Was the captain in incharge of the ship.. Named emerald star.. We have no perfect information.. Some are showing it’s 11 missing, some are showing 10.. Where as rappler.com is showing 5 are missing. There’s no update from the company ?

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