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New COC correction Sticker Required On COC

A new coc correction sticker available on DG shipping website.which is mandatory for all coc holder whose coc is issued before 24th Apr 2017

Seafarers are requested to take the print out of this page in ‘Photo Quality’ using Colour printer. Use A4 size self-adhesive sticker paper for printing and cut & paste the sticker in CoC booklet in any of the additional pages.


  1. Always use windows internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox for better resolution. Most of the government website work better on windows internet explorer & Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Go to the dgshipping website and log in to your DG shipping profile. Once logged in click on “CoC and CoC Revalidation” link.
  3. left side main column one flashing line will be there saying coc correction stamp
  4. Click on that will redirect you in a new page of coc correction sticker
  5. Print on a sticker sheet and put it on any additional page in coc.No need to visit mmd.


And finally thanx for visiting our website and I hope you like the post and helps you to update your COC any suggestion or difficulties please join our forum

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