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FAL Convention:Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic

FAL convention:Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic

Most human activities are connected either by precedent, convention or rules. Most rules are essential, however generally the become excess and a burden on the activities they’re alleged to management. The shipping business is international in nature and every one the countries have their own rules relating to customs, immigration and alternative standards. so a vessel visiting several countries within the course of her voyage needs to replenish several declaration forms, typically these forms are precisely the same however are in several formats. This work developed because the shipping trade did. By the Fifties this came to be regarded not solely a burden however additionally a threat. By the first Nineteen Sixties, the maritime nations had determined that the case mustn’t be allowed to deteriorate any so that they turned to  IMO  for  facilitate.  when  some  meeting IMO adopted the fal convention finally in 1965.

The main objectives of the convention are:

  1. To prevent excess delays in maritime traffic,
  2. To aid co-operation between governments,
  3. To secure the very best practicable degree of uniformity in formalities and alternative procedures,

In explicit, the convention reduces to simply eight, the amount of declarations which may be needed by public authorities.

The convention contains standards and counseled practices on formalities and procedures that should be applied on arrival, keep and departure to the ship itself, to its crew, passengers, baggage and freight. The convention defines standards as intentions, united measures that ar necessary and practicable so as to facilitate international maritime traffic and counseled practices are measures, the appliance of that is fascinating.

The convention lists the documents that public authorities will demand from a ship and recommends the most data and range of copies that should be needed.

Imo has developed standardized forms for these documents,they are as follows:

  1. Imo general declaration (on arrival, keep and departure)
  2. Imo freight declaration (on arrival and departure)
  3. Imo ship store declaration (on arrival and departure)
  4. Imo crew’s impact declaration (on arrival)
  5. Imo crew list (on arrival and departure)
  6. Imo passenger list (on arrival and departure)
  7. Imo dangerous Cargo declaration (on arrival and departure)
  8. Imo declaration of health (on arrival)



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